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The welcome mat will be out for cyclists throughout the spectacular Fall Bike Celebration weekend (September 17-19, 2021)…featuring a Ride with seven+ fantastic routes through the beautiful Southwest Michigan countryside centered in the charming Village of Vicksburg during the day on Sunday September 19, 2020.

Signing up for the Ride is easy. Register online through September 14 at BikeReg, or in person on Ride day.

But wait–there’s more! (Chuckle)  Featured attractions in Vicksburg on Friday and Saturday will include a top-rated disc golf course, a fascinating a downtown historical lecture and walking tour of the “mysterious*” Vicksburg Quilt Trail paintings, a Farmers Market with live music right next to the lovingly restored Vicksburg Historic Village, the ability to tour the wonderful Vicksburg Historic Village, an Ice Cream Social, live musical entertainment and…if everything comes together as hoped … BFK’s third Public Bike Art Competition.        (*As in, “What the heck did I just see?”  “How did it get there?”  “What does it mean?”)

We want you to join us and enjoy the ride of a lifetime…going back in time…during a weekend jam-packed with added features…nestled in charming rural Southwest Michigan…featuring routes you will never forget…in support of bicycling and community-based charitable causes.

Your support and participation in this event will help feed kids who might otherwise go hungry through Generous Hands (a partner with Loaves and Fishes), deliver services to veterans, seniors and the disabled through South County Community Services.

Proceeds also support eligible (501c3) riding clubs and the League of Michigan Bicyclists & Bike Friendly Kalamazoo’s grant programs to boost safety, education and awareness building, not to mention give an oomph to the very concrete goal of increasing ridership and participation…for bicyclists and cyclists of virtually all ages and abilities!  We are contributing to the League of Michigan Bicyclist’s $1 per rider program … and also to BFK’s “Great Clubs, Great Riders” $1 Back-2-Clubs program.

See, we have this bias in favor of working together…  .  Did we say this is a community-based weekend?  We will be updating our Fall Bike Celebration Weekend website as September approaches, listening to your ideas for how to improve as well.

Are we excited? Absolutely! Is the greater community in on our planning committee and joining in the fun? All the way!

In the meantime, please visit our website from time to time to check out the huge Schedule, chock full of fun things to do, learn more about the Routes, updated opportunities for Sponsors, and head over to the Registration page to sign up. Our fees are about the same as the most popular rides, so you won’t have any sticker shock.  Want to help make this Weekend a great experience for everyone, and be a part of an always enthusiastic, eager-to-make-it-happen team?  Head over to the Volunteer page and let us know who you are.  Artists interested in entering BFK’s Bike Art Competition will want to check back in July 2020 to see whether we will hold it again.

The Celebration is organized by Bike Friendly Kalamazoo (BFK), a 501(c)3 non-profit network of volunteers working to make our greater community even more bike friendly (see our About page).

BTW, BFK cares about your health!  Follow recommended COVID-19 Coronavirus precautions to protect others as well as yourself.  Plus, make sure you use a DEET based mosquito repellent when enjoying yourself outside — especially around the hours of dawn and dusk.  (We’re told this is a good practice anytime you are exposed to such risks for more than about 15 minutes.)

If you’ve heard enough, register online through BikeReg to take advantage of online pricing or pay in person on Ride day.  Want more details?  Keep reading.  You’ll also find a lot more on our website at

Routes (all start/finish at Vicksburg Historic Village in Vicksburg, MI) Mileages are approximate.

  • Shipshewana Century, Metric Century AND “Hybrid” Imperial-Metric milers!
  • Half Century
  • Climax – 38 mi.
  • Scotts Mill Park – 24 mi.
  • Vicksburg Quilt Trail North & South Loops – approx. 18 mi. ea.
  • Family Trail – 5 mi. out & back ttl.

Within our last start and closing time parameters, feel free to combine more than one route to fit your mileage goals to build the perfect day. For example, Climax+Vicksburg Quilt Trail South Loop=54 miles. Vicksburg Quilt Trail North+South=32 miles (51.5 km). (See Routes page for start times and more information on the many wonderful journeys we have in store, and the Schedule page for featured attractions the whole weekend.

Online Ride Registration*

Super Early-Bird (ends January 1, 2021): Half Off On site Registration
Early-Bird (June 1 – August 31): $27.50 Individual; $50 Family
Advance (September 1-14): $30 Individual; $55 Family
On site Registraton (Sunday Sept 19): $40 Individual; $70 Family

T-SHIRT SALES – T-Shirts are available for purchase through BikeReg. This sweet design was lovingly created just for our inaugural Fall Bike Celebration. Only limited quantities will be available on Ride day. Reserve yours now or face the consequences of serious regret and jealous emotion as you behold those who planned in advance and purchased them online. Due to logistics, online sales close September 10. *In person pick up only; we can't afford to pay shipping for these prices.'s-Fall-Bike-Celebration

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