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My name is Rita Licari, MOM of Scotty Christensen

I was wondering about having this Aired about our event... because we are still trying to get answers...I am inviting you also to come to our event...this is going to be a great event I hope...I am attaching our flyer...this is for both motorcycles and vehicles...the chili feed is for everyone

Scotty Christensen was killed in a hit and run accident on Hwy 100 in Palo, MN. We are still waiting for answers as to what happened the morning of October 2, 2016. Please help us find out what happened to Scotty! It is going on 5 years now and it does not get any easier dealing with the pain and it is even harder not having the answers we so need to really start to heal.....Scotty was such a big part of Mine, his Father Scott, Big Brother Josh, and so many, many others who in his short life touched, and is deeply missed by.
We are trying to focus on some positives such as raising monies besides the Reward/reward activities but for Scholarships in his memory of some of his passions such as Welding(he had his 2 year degree), Blacksmithing, 4H-he was in for many years growing up..he would be the first to lend a hand nonmatter time of day/night, weather.....we need to try to move forward but is difficult when the nagging issue of not having answers to what happened...Dealing with death of someone is hard in itself, but the loss of a child is not like/or can be compared to any other. Only those unfortunate members of this group can truly understand what a loss like this does....it is like your life is in limbo forever.....yes there are days one can smile again, yes there are events, distractions, and other things, but when these are done the reality sets in again and again and again...these are people who you are not supposed to outlive...a parent is not supposed to bury their child....tears may not flow every minute of the day anymore but do flow each day... And Yes...finding the answers will not change the fact he will never come back to us, but having answers can help us to move past that part of the event so we may be able to heal some and try to focus more on placing positive events in his memory....

Other info: Donations can be sent to the Reward fund set up at American Bank of the North. Donations can be made at Park State Bank.(formerly American Bank of the North). “ All American Reward Account” under Rita Licari Contact Rita(Scotty’s Mom)for more questions @218 404 3973 or rosebudlicari@hotmail.com.

The Chili Feed is in the Park

Itinerary for the Poker Run:

  • We will have registration/parking for the Run in the School Parking lot next to the park, starting at 10:00 am
  • We will Leave the parking lot 1100 am driving towards the hospital
  • We will take Hwy 53 then head to Gilbert to The Aliby Bar for the first card pick
  • We will head to 53 going to Timber's Edge Bar/Restaurant for the 2nd card pick
  • We will head down Hwy 16 to Hwy 4, to Hwy 100 going past Scotty's Site...blowing salute horns as we pass
  • We will take Hwy 100 to Hwy 99 turning right to go to Aurora to Rudy's Bar for the 3rd pick
    We will take Hwy 135 to Tower to Good Ole Days for the 4th pick
  • We will take Hwy 169 to The Shack for our 5th and final pick
  • Then we will head back to Virginia to the Olcott Park


All cards must remain sealed and will be revealed back at the Park

Winners will be the top 3 hands

We will draw the door prizes and raffle tickets after that We thank you so much for your support and it is so appreciated!!!  

Sincerely, Rita Licari          



Street Address

901 9th St N, Virginia, MN 55792
Virginia, MN 55792


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