Health, Wellness and Happiness - DeToxity, DeStress and DeClutter Your Life

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Health, Wellness and Happiness - DeToxify, DeStress and DeClutter Your Life


September 12, 2020   -   10:00 am - 2:00 pm    (early registration required)


The Red Willow Center for Health & Healing

825 W Kent Ave, Missoula, MT 59801


This seminar is meant for anyone that is interested in learning how health and wellness play an important part in your life. Self-care is crucial in maintaining a healthy balance. Learn how to declutter your life and your home of the various stressors than can derail your happiness.


This seminar will explore:


- the importance of healthy eating and understanding why processed foods are not your best option

- the importance of getting off of the blood sugar roller coaster using high-quality proteins, fats and carbohydrates to build healthy & delicious meals easily

- understanding that what you put on your body and your face is as important as what you put in your body

- understanding which chemicals to avoid and why

- the importance of self-care and why it's so important

- various self-care strategies for a healthier and pain free life

- how happy you are in different areas of your life

- how an uncluttered mind and home can help you function better, alleviate your stress and make you more productive

- some quick and simple techniques to have an uncluttered home


Walk away with lots of information, samples and discounts that can make your life and home healthier and happier!


An example of some of the EXTRA BENEFITS that come with attending the Seminar:

                *  One FREE Massage will be raffled off

                *  A discount on an Organizing Session

                *  52 Weeks of Organizing Tips

                *  A FREE 30-minute Discovery Coaching Session

                *  A 25 % discount on all self-paced workshops & planners on our coaching website                                                             (must be ordered directly through our email)

                *  Samples of Beauty Counter products

                *  A free 1-hour health coaching session with a Nutritionist through Natural Grocers

                *  Your choice of 2 EFT sessions - or a Mindfulness/Meditation session – FREE


*** Healthy snack included (plus coffee, tea, water)


TOTAL VALUE of GIVEAWAYS alone – over $ 300


Seminar led by:


 - Professional Organizer & Productivity Consultant

  - Certified Life & Business Coach


- License Massage Therapist, Energy Worker, Herbalist

 - Advocate for More Health Protective Laws in the Beauty & Personal Care Industry, through  Beauty Counter


- Nutritional Health Coach at Natural Grocers


Cost of the seminar = $ 75.00


Limited spaces available. Register today!


Registration required:


Email or call:    or    (440) 666 - 9326,-Wellness-and-Happiness---DeToxity,-DeStress-and-DeClutter-Your-Life

Street Address

825 W. Kent Ave
Missoula, MT 59801


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