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There's a lot of confusion-and questions-about heaven. And, truth be told, often what we think we know about heaven is more informed by culture and media than it is by the Bible.

That's why the Institute for Theology and Mission is hosting a one-day conference to provide biblical teaching on heaven. At this event, you'll not only get questions answered and misconceptions resolved, but you'll see how the hope of heaven applies to your everyday life and mission as a Christian.

Join us on September 30th to have your hope of heaven expanded, so that you'll be better equipped for life and mission today, with an eye toward eternity.

Schedule (Session descriptions are provided below)
- 8:00 AM // Doors Open
- 8:30 AM // Session 1 (Andy Davis)
- 9:35 AM // Break
- 9:50 AM // Session 2 (Andy Davis)
- 10:45 AM // Session 3 (Jim Shaddix)
- 11:35 AM // Lunch Offsite
- 1:05 PM // Session 4 (Dave Kiehn)
- 2:00 PM // Break
- 2:15 PM // Session 5 (Zane Pratt)
- 3:00 PM // Q and A
- 3:45 PM // Closing Remarks and Dismissal

Session Descriptions

Session 1: What is Heaven? (Andy Davis)
When will life in Heaven begin, where will it be, and who will be present (and how)? We'll see that while Heaven begins with the intermediate state for all who are united to Christ by faith, in God's time it will give way to the new creation, where the redeemed of all ages will live in God's presence with glorified physical bodies in a physical world made new.

Session 2: Misconceptions and Misunderstandings about Heaven (Andy Davis)
What will we (and won't we) do in Heaven? There are lots of misconceptions. We'll see that Heaven will be full of dynamic discoveries about God and his works, which will include honor for the unsung people and unknown events of his story.

Session 3: Life Today in Light of New Heavens and New Earth (Jim Shaddix)
The cliche says someone can be so heavenly-minded as to be no earthly good. But that gets it completely wrong. We'll learn how the hope of heaven brings strength, perspective, and priorities to our lives as Christians today, as we run in such a way as to win the prize.

Session 4: The Church Today in Light of New Heavens and New Earth (Dave Kiehn)

Session 5: Missions Today in Light of New Heavens and New Earth (Zane Pratt)

While the treasures of Heaven await all who are in Christ, there are countless souls who have yet to hear of Heaven's hope, and of the Savior who redeems and brings sinners to that eternal home. The grievous lack of Heaven among the nations compels Christians, then, to take the hope of Heaven to their neighborhood and the nations.




Time: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

General Admission: USD 25.00

Street Address

Hickory Grove Baptist Church (Mallard Creek Campus), 13200 Mallard Creek Road
Charlotte, NC 28262


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