Gastonia Mask Protest

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Neil McCauley
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Sunday's agenda:


1.  Convene at the Franklin Walmart outside Gamestop.

2.  At 4:05 PM/16:05 (1605 being the year Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up parliament), enter the Walmart without masks.  If the "greeter" attempts to block you, inform them that you have a medical condition.  If they instruct you to shop online, circumvent them with agility and, ideally, numbers (no violence).

3.  Once inside, split up and collect a mask, respirator, bandana or face covering.

4.  Reconvene shortly at the registers and form a single line.

5.  Hand your product to the cashier and inform them that you don't need it.

6.  Leave.



Do you like freedom? Do you like independence? Do you like the free market, private property or real justice?


Do you think that Covid-19 isn't the deadly pandemic they told us it was, or that perhaps the response is doing more harm than good? Maybe you think the deaths are being inflated through false monetized coding, or by placing the sick with the old in nursing homes and using dangerously aggressive treatments. 


Maybe you just think that masks lower your air quality or that you're being forced to play along in a pantomime by wearing one, being forced to join-in in a lie. Perhaps you've figured out that if we don't fight them on mandatory masks we're going to end up fighting them on contract tracing apps, 2nd lockdowns, cancelled elections or mandatory vaccines.


I'm organizing an action against this.


I am asking you to join me in a quick and simple action against the mask mandate, to occur at 16:05 this Sunday, June 28th. I know you're busy and don't have time for politics - neither do I, but I think it's come to the point where we're going to have to push back. I'm going to make it easy for you.


If you have 20 minutes or less to be a part of history, and the bravery to engage in a symbolic action of freedom then message me for details.


If not I guess I'll hang separately.

Street Address

3000 E Franklin Blvd, Gastonia, NC 28056
Gastonia, NC 28056


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