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Kat Houghton
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FOREST BATHING is a ancient Japanese practice for de-stressing and relating to the more-than-human world. It has gained much popularity in Asia, and now in the US, as a growing bank of scientific research is demonstrating it's healing benefits.

TRANSFORMATIONAL FOREST BATHING weaves in techniques from eco-therapy, depth psychology, wilderness rites of passage and mythic storytelling to form a powerfully transformative experience. We will work with whatever is holding you back right now and show you how to work with the land to gain insight on your next steps forward. As you shift through this current block you'll learn how navigate this way in the future.

Forest bathing has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and anger while strengthening the immune system, improving cardiovascular and metabolic health and increasing overall wellbeing.

It's a delicious way to be in the world!

> Unwind the knots you formed by keeping it all together

> Learn how to let the forest hold you

> Connect deeply to the more-than-human world

> Shift into a state of consciousness that allows you to receive information and nourishment, one where you don't need to figure it out

> Learn how to work with the natural world to move through whatever is blocking you right now

> Open the door to reclaiming your ancestral heritage

Hi! I'm Kat. I'm a Psychologist, a Certified Professional Coach and hold certificates in Transformational Eco-Therapy and Wilderness Rites of Passage Guiding. But none of that matters too much. What matters is that I went though some really dark times in life and I learned, with the guidance of some dear elders, to work with the more-than-human world to not only find solace but to tap into a wellspring of inspiration, creativity and energy that I had no idea was available to me. I have a strong desire to share this with others and love to engage in deep, soul-work with people.

I believe that the crises our modern world faces must be tackled at all levels, law and policy, community engagement and deep personal work. I work at all these levels but the one that calls to me the strongest is the personal soul-work, each of us digging into ourselves to understand why we are here now and what medicine we carry for the world. In offering the Transformational Forest Bathing program I am looking for other souls ready to dive in.

Honestly, if you are simply looking for some stress reduction and a lovely walk in the forest this isn't the program for you. If you are ready to dig deep and do some soul-tending then come on over!

It doesn't matter if you already have a strong nature connection practice or you have never heard of it, the program is designed to work for any level of previous nature connection experience.

What is key is your desire and willingness to work with whatever part of you is holding you back from living the life you want right now.

This is a 4 hour outdoor program. Please come prepared to be outdoors, in the forest, for the entire time. We recommend flip-flops or shoes you can easily slip on and off (weather permitting). We will provide a fire if it's chilly and a herbal tea. You are welcome to bring snacks as long as you pack out anything you bring in. We have spring water to drink or bring your own.

Due to the ceremonial nature of this work we ask that you refrain from consuming alcohol or recreational drugs for 24 hours before the start of the program.

Tickets are available on a sliding scale from $45 to $95 for the 4 hour session.


"Kat is a wonderful facilitator who draws from her rich background to co-create a healing experience that feels much more profound and transformative than the relatively short duration would suggest possible. From the moment I passed through the gate onto her land, I felt I had crossed a threshold into an enchanted world, a respite from the busy-ness of my modern life, sacred and mysterious. Now, a week later, I still carry my expanded awareness from our time together. My senses are a bit keener and I have more peace of mind in my day-to-day. I highly recommend!."

"Kat is a very genuine and compassionate person. Spending an afternoon forest bathing was absolutely transformative in feeling grounded, in touch with nature and my body. I highly recommend it to anyone working though an internal or external issue or just wanting to experience going deep in nature and new ways of being/thinking"

"Kat creates a very intentional and safe space to explore a greater connection to nature and self, allowing everyone to be their authentic self wherever they are at. She weaves poetry, somatic experiencing, movement, ceremony, creativity and the power of being witnessed and held in a sacred space, beautifully. I continue to leave her groups feeling inspired to lean into the many other ways of being."

"Kat has a gifted way of opening a portal to the divine."


MakeItHappen: USD 45.00

Time: 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Street Address

The Forest Farmacy, 24 Davis Lane,
Marshall, NC 28753


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