Wilson Christmas Parade on Nov 23rd 2019

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TTC Segway Tours LLC is looking for volunteers to do the Christmas Parade on Segways for the Wilson Christmas Parade.  There will be training on the Segway for the event.  Everything is free.  The training and the video education.  We need at least 9 volunteers and at least two backups.  I would love to train for the next two weeks:  college students, church groups, corporate people that might be interested.  It doesn't matter as long as you are over 16 years old.  There are instructions on this event that I will be including that the parade committee will be enforcing.  Please read the attachment that I will be sending.  I also will be supplying the gear that you need to train and ride the Segways.  The event is at no cost to you.  You just have to be at the Whirligig Park for training in Wilson.  1st come 1st serve.  As I stated, I need 9 people and we all need to show up for the training.  it is very important - especially if you are a 1st timer.  Please respond as quickly as you can, when I reach the maximum of 9 people - 1st come 1st serve, we will be meeting at the Whirligig park to meet.  Call if you are interested 919-902-1813.  My name is Al Fullwood


  1. Each entry must include a sign or banner with the organization’s name.
  2. This year’s parade theme is ‘Tropical Holiday’. We strongly encourage use of the parade theme. Other holiday themes may be used as well; however, use of the parade theme will constitute a significant part of judging criteria.
  3. Parade walkers must be dressed festively. Street clothes are not acceptable. Uniforms and costumes make the parade entertaining and festive.
  4. No advertising fliers, business cards, etc. may be distributed unless attached to candy, coupon, or gift.
  5. Nothing may be thrown into or at the audience. Costumed persons may walk on both sides of your moving vehicle or float and may hand items to those who want them. Safety of children and spectators is the principal concern.
  6. Parade Marshals will assist you at line up, along the parade route, and at egress. They will be wearing identifiable vests. They are authorized to enforce the rules of the parade and have the right to pull entries not complying with the rules and regulations.
  7. Only vehicles in the parade will be allowed in the line-up/staging area. No exceptions.
  8. All entries playing music (bands and floats) must play holiday music.
  9. Sound systems shall be placed with the speakers facing the side of the entry so that maximum sound will reach the audience with minimum interference to adjacent entries. A Parade Marshal may instruct you to adjust the volume. Loud entries not following instructions will be pulled from the parade.
  10. A distance of two car lengths between entries is recommended. Parade Marshals will instruct you to increase or decrease gaps as needed. There should be no more than a 3-4 car gap between entries.
  11. Riders must be within the confines of the float/vehicle. Riders may not sit on the sides, back, or front so that body parts are hanging over the sides.
  12. Special line-up requests will only be considered if included on the original application. Requests are not guaranteed. Please do not call or email with special requests after the application has been submitted.
  13. No parade participants may dress up as Santa or Mrs. Claus. Santa hats, elves, and reindeer are permitted.
  14. All performance stops must be requested on the original application. Full details and a video or link must be provided. Only choreographed performances will be considered. Only approved performance stops may stop and perform in the performance area or along the parade route. All entries must keep moving with the flow of the parade.
  15. Do not stop at the end of the parade route to let off riders. Dance groups and bands will turn right onto Douglas Street and then right onto Jones Street to let riders off. All other entries will turn right onto Douglas Street and then left onto South Street to exit the parade area. No entries will be allowed to stop on Douglas Street.
  16. The parade is a rain or shine event. It will not be canceled due to inclement weather.
  17. Smoking and/or alcoholic beverages are not to be consumed by any participants during the parade and are not allowed on any float or in any vehicle.
  18. Camera, video, and mobile phone use by participants is strongly discouraged. You are there to provide entertainment. Distractions also increase the chance of accidents.
  19. Police will enforce all city, state, and federal laws at all times. All motorcycle and ATV riders/groups must wear helmets.
  20. No refunds will be given.
  21. The Parade Committee will review each application. Incomplete applications will not be considered. The Committee has the sole authority to accept or reject any application.
  22. By participating in the Historic Wilson Downtown Christmas Parade, you agree that the Wilson Downtown DevelopmentCorporation nor the City of Wilson is responsible for any accident, injury, or other circumstances that may occur.
  23. This is a family-friendly event. All costumes/attire, performances, and entries must be appropriate for children. If it is questionable...don’t do it!

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Raleigh Road Parkway & College St
Wilson, NC 27893


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