Open Clergy Ordination Available February 27, Saturday 1-3pm, Winston-Salem

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Margo Ross Sears
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TO ORDAIN WITH US, YOU MUST PRE-APPLY before Feb 25 by email or phone/text: 336-314-0503,

Because the U.S. Constitution confirms our inherent rights to Freedom of Religion, there are no legal requirements or limits for religious practices like this (separation of church and state), and LEWA understands ALL beings are sacred and sovereign, then since 2004, our Founder and Pastor Margo Ross Sears offers individuals a LIFETIME non-denominational clergy ordination with perks. There is no re-up, no attendance (after 1x in-person ordination ceremony). You simply pass the 3 application questions, give a 1x donation (100% tax deductible), swear-in ceremony in person on Feb 27, and you hit reply to an annual check-in email. That's all, that's it, and we hope you go about your life being Sacred in YOUR own way! No rules, dictations, dogmas, pressures, expectations from us at all. You be you.  Over 220 people are already here, worldwide in LEWA, Light and Energy Workers Association.

LEWA has a long and solid reputation of warmly honoring ALL Paths, ALL Lifestyles and Belief Systems--we are nondenominational, multi-faiths, and eclectic mixes of many faiths. No one judges others here:  Christians, Pagans, Native American, Shamans, Hindus, Muslims, Eastern paths, and many no-labels. We are also non-profit, national and international, and all lifestyles are warmly welcome here. Although it must be said that we never attracted dark/negative spiritualities... everyone in here supports Love, Light, Health, Happiness and Freedom. We're too nicey-nice for them.

AT CEREMONY: optionally, Ordainees may bring 2 guests over age 14 yrs. No pets please, but service animals welcome.
No dress code... you wear whatever is good for you. Biz casual and casual are typical, but some folks wear spiritual garments.
There are snacks and drinks, introductions, discussion of major LEWA Clergy features, long QandA session, blessings from current members, and a final candle-lighting ceremony while each Ordainee swears in and receives his/her officially numbered Certificate for life.   

To ordain with LEWA, you first must apply with our Pastor Margo.
Then our easy Requirements: give $150 donation to LEWA once for life (tax deductible), be over age 18, live in certain regions (very wide areas), and you have no felony record.
* No schooling or formal education ever required; and no attendance after ordination ceremony. LEWA events do occur and you are welcome at your wish.
* You may officiate legal weddings (this could be a fulltime livelihood of income for you), do eulogies, blessings, etc.
* This is a legal clergy credential in all 50 States and in many other nations.
* You receive a numbered, signed, frameable wall certificate and an OPTIONAL Clergy Listing on our website ( Plus more Perks!
* Questions Warmly Welcome! Contact our Margo ASAP or before Feb 25, 2022, by email or phone/text: 336-314-0503,


Price: Ordainee Donation 1x for life: USD 150.00

Time: 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Venue: Juxtaposition Studios,-Saturday-1-3pm,-Winston-Salem

Street Address

Canal Drive
Winston Salem, NC 27101


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