Thursday Organic Pavilion at the Columbus Farmers Market

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This May, the historic Columbus Farmers Market will open the Thursday Organic Pavilion to bring responsibly grown local food choices to the Delaware Valley. This Pavilion will feature growers and makers whose practices support environmental health and produce the healthiest food for consumers. In this producer-only market, consumers will have an opportunity to connect with farmers and make nutritious food choices that support the planet and local agriculture.
The Thursday Organic Pavilion will showcase
• farmers who can provide a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, poultry, eggs and dairy products;
• makers and artisans with prepared foods made from local ingredients, including food trucks;
• artisans with products that align with wellness, holistic health, and green living such are lotions, soaps,
natural fibers, and repurposed creations; and
• educators and artists with healthy living skills to share: cooking demonstrations, yoga, meditation, and
other healing arts.
The Thursday Organic Pavilion at the Columbus Farmers Market will be managed by Community Greenmarket Organizers/CoGrO who will select local growers and makers according to their natural, sustainable, and no spray practices. CoGrO is known for creating markets with a carefully curated array of vendors, bringing in the freshest local seasonal produce and fresh meats and dairy from farms practicing humane animal husbandry. “CoGrO is excited for this opportunity to work with the fabulous Columbus Farmers Market family and local growers and makers to create another highly successful and bountiful initial season.”
Located on Route 206 in Columbus, New Jersey, the Columbus Farmers Market is just minutes from the New Jersey Turnpike and Interstate Route 295. The Delaware Valley's oldest and largest flea market with more than 1000 outdoor flea market vendors and over 65 inside retail stores attending every Thursday, the Columbus Farmers Market Complex has been an important community player for nearly a century!
Growers and Makers are encouraged to apply now


Venue: Thursday Organic Pavilion at Columbus Farmers Market

Time: 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

Street Address

2919 U.S. 206, Pavilion A at Gate 1
Columbus, NJ 08022


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