Feng Shui for Gardens and Landscape

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Feng Shui for Gardens and Landscape


The smell of a flower, the sight of buds opening on the trees and the feel of grass under our feet bring a deep feeling of peace and connection to us. For thousands of years the plant kingdom has provided us sustenance, as a food base, for medicine and to enrich our lives by bringing in beauty, color and scent. The symbolic meanings of plants can be traced back through many cultures. Our gardens teach us about the cycles of life. We are nature.

A great way to rethink our gardens and landscapes is to put on our “feng shui” eyes and use symbolic connection as a planting strategy. The art of feng shui reminds us that man is not only connected to nature, but is a part of nature. We have benefited from plants for thousands of years as a food, medicine, and to make our personal world one filled with beauty, color and scent. Plants give us breathe and life.

Plants have cultural and symbolic meanings, uses and legends that can be traced back for thousands of years. In Feng Shui, we access symbolism to set intention and create positive energetics in our space. For example, an Evergreen has been a symbol for longevity and prosperity with it’s ability to “stay green” during the cold winters when other plants have gone dormant or died. Planting an Evergreen in the feng shui area of wealth is a powerful symbol.

Join Renae as we look at the garden through the ancient eyes of feng shui. This class will show you how to plant an empowered garden with intention to delight and support your life. We will learn basic Feng Shui principles as they apply to our outdoor spaces, gardens and landscape.
Prepare your landscape and garden plan to build your feng shui garden.

March 17, 2021 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm EDT  |$45.00  Live Online and Fully Recorded




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