Space Clearing with Nature’s Assistance – Herbs and Plants for Protecti

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Renae Jensen Conscious Design Institute
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 Instructor: Renae Jensen

The smell of a flower, the sight of buds opening on the trees and the feel of grass under our feet bring a deep feeling of peace and connection to us. For thousands of years the plant kingdom has provided us sustenance, as a food base, for medicine and to enrich our lives by bringing in beauty, color and scent. The symbolic meanings of plants can be traced back through many cultures… We are nature.

And Mother Nature has even more gifts for us! In this class we will learn about the herbs and plants that offer us shielding, protection and activate space clearing. We will work with offerings, shielding homes and property and creating medicine bundles.


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2 Walnut Street, at Hope Wellness Center
Hope, NJ 07844


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