Space Clearing Professional Certification Program • April 2023

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Conscious Space Clearing Certification- Professional Training Program 2023


Space Clearing/Harmonizing is a vital part of maintaining healthy space, and has been part of our human culture and practice for thousands of years. Home Blessings, Spring Cleaning, New Years ceremonies, Spirit Cleansing.. we are familiar rituals associated with cleansing space. As we work to maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit, we must allow our homes to have a cleanse, refresh and reset it’s energy and intentions.


Venue: Live Hope New Jersey – #1 April 15 , #2  April 16 , #3  April 29, #4  April 30  Full Day Workshops and Consultations
Additional Classes, are offered live- virtual classes and several are on demand.  Contact Renae for more information.
In Person Classes are offered Hope Wellness Center, Walnut Street, Hope, New Jersey.  and Spring Meadow Farm, Hope NJ


We can apply new paint, beautiful furnishings and feng shui techniques, but it is like ” putting clean clothes on a dirty body”. Our homes matrix, energy fields, history, trauma, and more are a level of congestion that can shifted. I grew up with these techniques with a Greek/Italian background and have been blessed to have studied and trained for many years in the field. My professional field of Conscious Design and Real Estate has brought me hundreds of clients – with issues ranging from illness, negative luck, houses that refuse to sell, romance problems, children out of sorts.. Space Clearing has been a vital part of the process, and I have seen the value of it. That is why the Conscious Design Institute has created this empowering program.•-April-2023

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2 Walnut Street, at Hope Wellness Center
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