Tricks to Filling your Events with a High Value Audience

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It is difficult enough to host an event. The most stressful component, and most important, one is getting the people actually in the seats. A lot of speakers spend their time on their presentation and aren't thinking strategically how to actually get their ideal clients in the room to hear their message.  There are several different ways to fill your events, and if you plan accordingly and put a game plan together from the start, you will definitely reduce the stress and last minute scrabble to sell tickets. Whether you use all 10 of Toni's Tips and Tricks or just a few, she guarantees that your event will be a total success!

Toni will teach you: 

  • How to strategically plan (from conception to execution) an event that is filled with your ideal clients.

  • Top Ten Tips on filling their rooms & monetizing the event to increase their bottom line.

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