A Summertime Halloween Circus Dream

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(Three QUICK notes:

* Our HUGE sale on VIP and other tickets ends FEBRUARY 12th. The sooner you get your tickets, the more you get to choose which dinner seatings you want!

* YES, we really do include two MASSIVE Halloween feasts AND a tea party in VIP tickets. See our menu: https://giltandfanfare.com/menu/

* Keep up to date with our entertainment at https://giltandfanfare.com/enchantments/)

Gilt and Fanfare
A Halloween Circus Dream
By the creators of Evil Expo: The Villain Convention comes an all-ages multigenre Autumnal Carnival weekend!

A note from The Figmental Circus Management: Earlybird Ticket Pricing ends February 12th. Get your tickets now!

Every day is Halloween, but WHY are so many days so drearily, sadly normal?

Gilt & Fanfare combines rousing entertainment with carnival merriment and a dash of October mystery! The Circus is coming…and, for one weekend, YOU can join it!

You can see some of what we’re doing over at our Enchantments page, but we’ll let you in on the real secret: For one weekend, we all run away and join the Circus. Enter a blissfully peculiar world with a semi-immersive environment that blends the imaginary and the real into a delight for the senses, brightened by amazing food, great performers, fascinating vendors, and lots of other Dreamers!

Dress in your best and finest, or your costumes, or your most comfortable clothes. Let’s trick-or-treat, eat a ton of candy, interact with characters from all manner of genres, all fellow participants in our wondrous Figmental Circus experience Let’ s tell stories, hang out around a (virtual) campfire. Let’s see some shows, search for clues, interact with splendidly unusual characters, rock to live music, explore mysteries, eat some great food, and meet new weird and wonderful friends!

Who cares who your day job thinks you are? Come be your REAL self! Bring the family! This weekend-long, all all-ages adventure celebrates everything we love about Halloween and the Circus – right at the start of Summer, when we need it most.

June 5th-7th, 2020
Call 732-980-0400 to get your hotel room for the weekend! (Only $109/night!)

Click here to get your tickets – earlybird pricing is still in effect until February 12th!

Brought to you by Dark Lord Jeff Mach, author, creator, inventor of Steampunk, Renfaire, Geek, Darkwave, and other imaginative dream events, and the monster behind the books "There and NEVER, EVER BACK AGAIN" and "Villains, Villainy, and Villainpunk".

Come out and play!

HOTEL ROOM: To get your hotel room, call the Radisson of Piscataway at 732-980-0400



all vending is hotel room vending, which works really well at this venue!


Formal applications go up in a bit, but for now, if you want to vend, perform, speak, sing, tell tales, or be a part of it, just message this page


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and a whole weekend of delights!


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21 Kingsbridge Road
Picatinny Ars, NJ 07806


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