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 The one day every person dreams of and wishes it to be the best day of their life, where perfection is searched in every little thing that will happen, from the decorations to the “meethais”, from the attire the bride and groom will wear to the post wedding gift distributions.  The day when every girl wishes that the stars up high will be bright and shine on earth and add glitter to her day, when the guy waits in excitement thinking about the next chapter of his life which shall begin. Lucknow – the city of nawabs, the royalty the city offers is the dream destination of every prince aspiring to marry his princess in front of all his loved ones. The royal entrances surrounded by fountains and those lovely flowers, the décor of the rooms, the ambience and the feel of the place is enough to take your breath away.
Gone are the old days where checklists for every event in the wedding were created months ago, when you had to roam and be harried. Now Is the time of hiring people to do it for you. Yes, the wedding planners which will transform your wedding wishes into reality. They will take the overhead frustration of your hands and that extra cost that you paid them will seem to have been worth it.
Looking for the best to make your day the best you have come to the right place and the right people for you are working under the name of Rihansh Eve N planners. They are the best the city has to offer. What makes them so different is that not only make wonderful plans but also keep backups in case the things go against, for them the client’s satisfaction is of primary importance after all they took the responsibility of delivering the most awaited day of people’s life and they understand it very well that those dreams are expectations shouldn’t be let down.


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