LUNASA IN EAST AURORA - Celebrate The Celtic Tradition of Transformation

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Lunasa is the Celtic feast that celebrates the first harvest, one of the four major festivals in the Celtic calendar that marked the great Wheel of the Year.

This day is a chance for you to take a breath and take stock of the harvest that is waiting for you to bring home.

The Celtic Imagination knew that times of great personal and societal change are mirrored in the cycles of the natural world. These teachings have been forgotten by our modern Western Mind. The result is an alienation from the meaning and the beauty that being alive in the world has in store for us.

Harvest is never an easy time in our lives. There is a particular form of magnanimity that is called of us to be fully present to the abundance of the fruits of our labors. We have planned, invested, toiled, had our hearts broken, and now the final stage is to know when the time is right to cut what we have grown and bring in the fruits of our labors.

Every harvest is accompanied by the disbelief that what we have struggled so hard to cultivate must now be let go of. Perhaps this existential reality is why we often don't wait with the patience and presence that is required to bring in a fulsome harvest leaving the fruit behind us to die on the vine. We fly on to the next project or period without sitting and counting the abundance blossoming in the gardens of our lives.

And there are times when we must face the heart break that the harvest we have toiled for has not come to fruition. A powerful form of courage and vulnerability is called for to take stock and see heartbreak as a hallway toward deeper meaning and presence in the world.
Take the time to make a clearing in your life and celebrate the harvest that has been waiting for you to bring home.




General Admission: USD 157.97


Time: 09:30 - 16:00

Street Address

Knox Farm State Park, 437 Buffalo Road Knox Mansion House
East Aurora, NY 14052


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