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COVID has forced changes in the way that Medical Affairs operates and can engage in the future. Engagement will digital, carrying tailored and personalized messages to stakeholders by creating highly detailed provider journey maps, understanding the needs of individual physicians, and engaging patients more directly. Medical affairs teams need to understand where and how patients receive support information and engage them at that level but they will also need to listen more to patients and doctors to determine how they can use patient real world data to generate more useful insights internally and externally.

Ensuring Medical Affairs teams increase scientific interactions through a multichannel engagement strategy is paramount. Join this event to learn how to orchestrate the digital transformation journey. You will understand how to deliver on an operational structure that drives toward digital goals in a consistent, cohesive, and integrated manner that allows for effective collaboration with commercial and regulatory teams.

1. Orchestrating a Seamless Digital Journey that Incorporates All Fundamental Components of Medical Education Campaigns to Improve Customer Engagement and Feedback.
2. Accelerating Data Generation Using Advanced Digital Methodologies to Help Patients, HCPs, and Payers Make the Right Choice for the Right Medication.
3. Discuss How Digital Integration can Help Medical Affairs to Take a Leadership Role in Ensuring Fast, Efficient, and Meaningful Responses to all Stakeholders at a Time of Intense Pressure.
4. Understanding Digital Innovation Cost and Competitive Pressures Across the Care Landscape to Accelerate Access to Products and Services for the Benefit of Patients.
5. Collaborating with Partners who have Digital Capabilities to Transform the Way Information and Insights are Collected and Analysed.


Time: 09:30 to 16:30

Pharmaceutical Companies: USD 795.00|-Virtual-Summit

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