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GALLERY | "Rock Paper Paint" by Carol Bollinger Green, Kathleen Loomis, & Bridget Green

July 2 - August 14

Reception:  Friday July 9 | 5-7 pm

Gallery Hours: Wed. - Fri. 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM  Sat 12:00 PM 4:00 PM

Rock Paper Paint is a tip to the ancient art of playing games. With seemingly less time in the day for rooted wonder, one can remind oneself to take up the old practice by finding simple materials and getting a'going.

There is the present.

Each of these three artists has their own way of starting the day and each of the trio adores time outdoors. All three have taught, making while making space for others to create. All three hold space for others to circle up and share in a given moment of inspiration or of silence and calm abiding. They study keys of how to bring spark to the practice: showing up for the page, the clay, the color. All three give time for their part of life to become clear and see how art helps us each listen longer. All three artists are grateful for this coming together, in Rock Paper Paint.

The artists honor those who have lived before as well as those who live today. The artists invite you to take time here with the works and appreciate your time.|-

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