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Turning into Pieces, Healing a Piece.

Location: New York Arts Center Gallery, 78 Bowery Street.
Opening Reception: 7/7 3-6pm
Closing Party and Auction Sale: 7/21 3-6pm
Running Time: 7/7-7/22


"PIECES" is a photographic artwork and installation exhibition curated and created by artist Mingmei(May) Meng. She spent a year working with over 60 different artists to photograph and put the PIECES together to show at the New York Arts Center Gallery. This exhibition is a combination of five photographic art projects that are related to Pieces of the Body, Relationships, Memories, Limitations and Idealisms. Each project piece includes a series of photographs that shares the story of understanding our human beings, and mostly the beauty of Pain we go through in our life. “There are lots of moments that can easily turn us into pieces. What will be the right 'Therapy' to heal everything? I want to explore this through my artworks.' "

��Besides photographs, a real Healing Camp installation will be set up, with a private space and interactive visual arts piece to give you your own freedom and encourage you to find your piece.��

Please spread the word, share with your friends and family, inviting them to a new understanding of the Photographic Healing Pieces exhibition.

��Looking forward to sharing more with you at the opening!��
Light snacks and drinks will be provided at the opening Reception!
Free to the public.

Mingmei(May) Meng has lived a diverse and interesting life, including a sting as a performer in a Traveling Motorcycle Circus starting when she was six. She graduated from The North University of China, with a major International Economics and Trade. She has also studied psychology at Harvard University, photography at The Boston Museum of Fine Art, Filmmaking at New York University and Documentary Photography at International Center for Photography. She had Solo exhibited her project" World She in NYC" Portraits Series on Times Square Nasdaq and Reuters Billboards, "The Answer" conceptual photo essay in the TNC Gallery New York, "Here I AM" -Women Portrait Series Solo Exhibition at NYPL Morningside Heights Branch, "Stranger" --Solo Photography and Installation works at HI NYC Hostel, and "Moments of Color" Group show at Athena Blank Gallery.
As an artist, she directs art films and creating public art as well.
IG: https://www.instagram.com/may_mengmingmei/?hl=en

Poster Design: Dawang Sun
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