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Playwright Trevor Rhone (1940 – 2009) was the artistic giant of Jamaican theater. "Two Can Play" is a masterpiece of comic realism. Gloria and Jim, a lower middle-class couple in Kingston, try a wild scheme to escape gun crime and establish residence in the US: Gloria will legally divorce Jim, marry a US citizen, and then having obtained a visa, will divorce her new husband and remarry Jim. Through the confusions and hardships she meets in the US, she becomes assured in her in her own self-sufficiency and resourcefulness. Their marriage, one of domination for him and struggle for her, is now leveled. They survive because they learn to communicate and rediscover each other. The play celebrates the pent-up need for self-discovery and personal development in Jamaican women, a theme which is also universal. Presented by Woodie King, Jr.'s New Federal Theatre; performed by Michael Rogers and Joyce Sylvester; directed by Clinton Turner Davis. Feb 27-April 5, Th-Sat at 7:30, Sun at 2:00, tickets


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