How to Combat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 10-week Online Programme

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Marc Zirogiannis
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Understand how to develop a personalized approach to treating chronic fatigue syndrome based on your own needs using functional medicine.

About this event

Weekly Webinars

Each session will include practical solutions and new ideas to inspire you and help you adopt a more positive approach focusing on what can be done to help you combat chronic fatigue.

Week 1: Understanding energy pathways and what can go wrong.

Week 2: Personalized Medicine and how to know what your body needs

Week 3: Detoxification and immune function in chronic fatigue.

Week 4: Functional Nutrition for Chronic Fatigue syndrome

Week 5: Tackling Mental health and emotional well-being during chronic illness.

Week 6: Exercise and Movement: Managing the paradox of inactivity

Week 7: A realistic look at Sleep, Meditation and Mindfulness in practice.

Week 8: Effective Communication with friends, family and healthcare professionals

Week 9: Modifiable Lifestyle Factors

Week 10: Latest research and treatments and your next steps

Private Facebook Community

We will also have a private supportive and positive facebook community where you can get additional resources and watch interview with other natural healthcare professionals who have experience in this area.

Who is this Combat Chronic Fatigue course for?

Are you struggling to get a diagnosis or successful treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome, ME, fibromyalgia or other long term health problems associated with it such as pain, headaches, insomnia, anxiety and depression? Or are you the main carer for someone in this situation? If so, then this 10-week programme is designed for you to get a greater understanding of ways that a personalized approach to your health may help you get out of the 'rut'.

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