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Pebble is an outsider - or an artist until one day, a mysterious visitor comes and things begin to unravel through song, dance, and pills shared like snacks, hilarious and heartbreaking. 


From the creator of The Reunion, The Dinner and Fallout, Carol Triffle puts up her latest work Pebble. "Pebble" is a study in missed connections, conflicting impulses and thwarted desires, and a prismatic exploration of loneliness and what it means to be an outsider - or an artist. Pebble yearns to be touched by another, but spends most of her days with jigsaw puzzles and a deck of cards. She flirts recklessly with the Medical Orderly and harbors distrust of Nurse Megan, who chirpily promises special treatments via loudspeaker bulletins until one day, a mysterious visitor comes to see her. In his presence, things begin to unravel, and buried emotions are given release through song, dance, and pills shared like snacks. Alternately hilarious and heartbreaking. 


"Pebble" features a strong ensemble of veteran Imago performers - Danielle Vermette as the mercurial Pebble, Kyle Delamarter as the mysterious Nick, Jon Farley as the Medical Orderly and Megan Skye Hale as Nurse Megan. 

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Imago Theatre, 17 SE 8th Avenue
Portland, OR 97214


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