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Jerry Mouawad
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Imago Theatre's Artistic Co-Director, Jerry Mouawad's strange, fascinating, and funny new play Special K mashes master playwright Luigi Pirandello's reality puzzles with vaudeville, tragedy and time-hopping romps through the Black Plague of the Middle Ages and back to the dark year of 2020.

In a remote, unnamed location, a motley group of supporting actors await the entrance of HER, the Queen. A few of the actors are veterans of this particular theatrical enterprise, a few are newer to the mix, and all unsure what they will be called to do when she enters. There is no script, only a few vague instructions, some peculiar names and props, and a whole lot of mystery as to what is occurring in the present moment. Ancient and modern myths commingle, gender roles and sexual identities are explored, time becomes muddled, and borders begin to dissolve. Inspired by Pirandello's Henry IV, writer/director Jerry Mouawad's humorous, haunting and deeply provocative Special K draws on many sources in popular culture to explore inner and outer dimensions of theatrical convention, mental

Health issues, and the very nature of reality.

A stellar cast of Imago regulars play the motley crew, including Anne Sorce (Black Lizard) as HER, with Sean Doran (Hughie), Emily Welch (Human Noise), Danny Gray (Leonard Cohen is Dead), and Stephanie Woods (To Fly Again), with Imago newcomers Matthew Sunderland and Colleen Socha completing the comedic and tragic troupe.



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