The Head Maker's Ball 2021

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The Head Maker's Ball 2021
(2nd Generation)
Date of Event: June 17-20, 2021
Venue address: 190 Walker Ln, Artemas, PA 17211
Representative’s company:
-Paradigm Shift Entertainment
-The Head Maker
Does your event include overnight camping? (YES)
What are the age requirements for patrons in attendance: 18 PLUS
Estimated attendance: 500+
Days: (3 days)


- ABSOLUTLY NO DISTRIBUTION of ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES, you WILL be removed from property, TESTING SITES will be available, if found distributing something misleading (aka research) we will be forced to remove person from the land, as well as BAN person from any future events
- No drama, you will be asked to return to camp
- NO glass
- NO on the ground fire pits, only raised
- NO renegade stages! We have Db limits that we must adhere to
Please describe the event:
The Head maker's Ball is a second year event, a multi-genre event at Four Quarters Farm with two stages, both jam and EDM. The event is themed around the very loved “Cam The Head Maker” who is a phenomenal clay artist that has found a gem of an art style. He makes custom and standard Head Pendants that are beautifully made. He will be vending his art at the festival and the festival will be “head” themed. As an entertainment company, our main goal is community. This land has been a part of a very loving and caring community for some time. Many call this land home, this is why we chose to throw our event on the land. One of our focuses is personal transformation. We want to create and environment for everyone to grow and thrive. We keep people motivated in reaching their goals and dreams by inspiring and creating a platform to express. We focus on building up artists, vendors, and the community surrounding them. We are planning at the moment to create safe spaces for all attendees with reiki and massages. We will have live art, live glassblowing, and some of the best hand selected vendors selected by our “Vendor Specialist” Same as last year, we will have the loved “Sassy Wraps” providing some of the most delicious and healthy meals, vegan options as well! As for performances, our headlining EDM acts are Brainrack, Focuss, Witch Doctor, Emorfik, Joki, and Mista J. The lineup is a very carefully placed and planned schedule to create the “Ultimate Journey” for the community. There will be a perfect flow of genres to create this journey. Over at the Jam stage, we will have our two main acts, one returning from last year, The Sweet Life and also Austin Litz. The Sweet Life are a two piece electronic jam band that will melt your brain! Austin Litz solo act is bound to give you the funky grooves you need! The land is a very mountainous land in the woods with trails going all throughout. There will be three different areas for camping, Hilltop, Main camp, and new camp. Music will run from 12:00PM to 4:00 AM for the duration of the festival. Pack up and clean up in Sunday.
Hosted by Head Chaser Productions, Paradigm Shift Entertainment, Cam The Head Maker Hill.
COVID-19 policy in effect:
This event will be fully compliant with CDC guidelines set in place for large gatherings. Temperatures will be taken at the gate, and guidelines will be expressed to each patron with a signage of receipt. The event capacity will be limited and we will be STRICTLY ENFORCING all guidelines set in place. Within 25 feet of the stage, all public areas with large groups, vending areas, and food areas MASKS MUST BE WORN. If caught without a mask, the persons involved will receive a warning from a friendly staff member, if caught again: will receive a strike on the hand from event security. If caught a 3rd time within a 1 hour period, we will have to MARK your wristband to be banned from 25 feet of the stage for the rest of the event. Strict guidlines in place to ensure that we can continue doing this in the near future! We must be safe as a community and if we stay strong and follow the guidlines, these magical experiences can continue to exist! Thank you for helping this community show the world that we can keep these experiences flowing! Stay Safe. Stay Clean. Stay Happy.
-Diverse acts of electronic genres from local DMV area, and other popular acts
-One unified pavilion stage
-Friendly environment and people
-State of the art visuals and lasers
-Quality performance sound system
-Comfortable camping
-Amazing Vibes
-Community Fire
-Fire Spinning
Statement From Paradigm Shift Entertainment:
We have teamed up in an effort to give everyone the experience of a lifetime. As we all know, Four Quarters is like home to many of us. We have decided this land to be the best place to create the magical experience that has been cultivated time after time. It's time for something different... Welcome Home!
-Statement From Event Curator:
Let’s come together for some great vibes and live music in a very beautiful place.
I want to bring fests back to how they should be music, your fest fam, and meeting new people and building a network that is strong and thrives.
I want to give the people a fest they want, at the place they want, without all the negativity and issues that have taken place in 2020.
I wanna focus on spiritual growth and healing as well. I started going to 4 quarters because my body is drawn to the place, I’m sure a lot of you feel the same and hope to see you there!
For anyone that would like to be a theme camp, host a seminar, or even just help out, feel free to reach out!
Music (2 stages this year)
Fire Spinners
& much more!
There will be restrooms with running water as well as showers and hand washing stations to keep sanitation a key part of this event.'s-Ball-2021

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Street Address

190 Walker Ln
Artemas, PA 17211


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