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Friends Life Care, a nonprofit organization, is focused on helping older adults in Southeast Pennsylvania and Delaware thrive at home as they age. Friends Life Care is thrilled to announce their new podcast, Honestly Aging by VigR Health.

Honestly Aging's first season launches with a theme of Solo Aging and includes many different topics. It is aimed to appeal to people who are currently solo agers or are curious about what it may mean to be a solo ager. It features stories and information for and about Friends Life Care members and friends and can be enjoyed by any older adult or podcast fan.

The podcast has generated a great deal of interest among interviewees and the first season will feature a new podcast every two weeks. Podcasts through year-end have been recorded and are in the final stages of production to ensure we can achieve this schedule.

The Host of Honestly Aging, Cheryl Proska, says, "It's an absolute joy crafting and producing this podcast. I have enjoyed meeting with so many interesting people, hearing their fascinating stories, and learning from professionals in the field. And I just know that you will enjoy the Honestly Aging podcast too."

About Honestly Aging by VigR Health: Honestly Aging is a podcast dedicated to successful aging and celebrating longevity with guests that are experts in their fields and with older adults who share their own stories.

You can find all episodes on Friends Life Care's website at, Podbean, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google, Amazon, and iHeart radio.

More information about Friends Life Care can be found at


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