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The pharma marketeer has been introduced to a foreign environment. A place where digital and data natives are the apex-predators. To survive; either we adapt our understanding of, and interactions with, the customer or perish.

Four themes to maximize your digital transformation:

• Become king of the new marketing jungle - Make bold moves to achieve closed-loop marketing by scaling innovation and drive organization-wide change.

• Elite teams, innovative functions - Create high-performing brand, marketing, field and data teams that collaborate to accomplish cross-functional excellence and ensure business goals and results are aligned.

• Forge new insight from data - Combine advanced analytics with a wide variety of data sources to develop insights that transform your marketing strategies.

• Authentic engagement, the currency of the new normal - Foster a new content creation mindset, personalize engagement, and balance brand vs disease strategy to deliver powerful customer engagement and experience results.

Pharma Pass: USD 499.0,
Solution provider pass: USD 499.0

Time: 2:00 pm - 11:00 pm


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