Book Talk: How the 1% Manipulate Our Understanding

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Join Wooden Shoe Books & the Divest Philly from the War Machine Coalition for a free book talk event with Philly-based author Roy Eidelson about his book, Political Mind Games: How the 1% Manipulate Our Understanding of What's Happening, What's Right, and What's Possible.

Roy explains how we can recognize - and counter - the manipulative appeals that the 1% use to advance their self-serving agenda. Offering timely examples drawn from the realms of militarism, the war economy, climate change, and more, Roy shows why understanding and debunking the 1%'s mind games is an urgent matter for anyone interested in building a more decent society.

In addition to Roy's talk, the event will feature a discussion of the newly forming Divest Philly from the War Machine Coalition & opportunities for getting involved! Divest Philly from the War Machine is a network of groups working to divest public and private funds in Philly from weapons manufacturers, military contractors, and war profiteers.

About the Author: Roy Eidelson, PhD, is the former executive director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Solomon Asch Center for Study of Ethnopolitical Conflict and a past president of Psychologists for Social Responsibility. His work focuses on applying psychological knowledge to issues of social justice and political change.

About the Venue: The Wooden Shoe is an all-volunteer collectively-run Infoshop located in Philadelphia, PA that seeks to embody the principles of anarchism and other movements for social justice. We strive to provide our local community with radical and non-traditional sources of written, digital, and spoken information. We wish to be an empowering resource for activism, organizing, art, self-education, dialogue, community-building, and the anti-capitalist struggle.

*This event is free & open to the public.*

Co-Sponsors: World BEYOND War, CODEPINK, Veterans for Peace Philadelphia, Brandywine Peace Community, & Coalition for Peace Action.

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704 South Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147


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