19th Annual Pain Medicine Meeting/ASRA Fall 2020 Worldwide - November 20-22

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Join colleagues from across the globe with our virtual-only worldwide event designed for everyone to learn, network, and be inspired to ensure our organization and discipline remain at the cutting edge. You'll learn from national and international experts leading sessions with a translational and clinical focus to deliver information and skills of take-home value that you can put to immediate use in practice.

This dynamic event is being designed by the Scientific/Educational Planning Teams for both the 45th Annual Regional Anesthesiology and Acute Pain Medicine Meeting under the leadership of Chair Jaime Baratta, MD, and the 19th Annual Pain Medicine Meeting under the leadership of Chair Magdalena Anitescu, MD, PhD. No matter what your interests may be, from initial onset of acute pain through the prevention and management of chronic pain, you'll find plenty of relevant and engaging content in an exciting and interactive program.

Chronic Pain Medicine Topics
- Spine Symposia: How Can We Change Outcomes?
- Pro/Con: Is It Time to Abandon the Stethoscope for the Ultrasound?
- The Updated Opioid Use Reality
- An Alternative View in Chronic Pain Treatments: Diets, Exercise, Complementary Medicine, and Beyond
- Regenerative Medicine: Recycling and Repurposing
- Changes in Caring for Patients with Chronic Pain: Expression, Impression, and Compassion
- Practice Management Portfolio (PMP): Finance, Marketing

Acute Pain Medicine Topics
- The Pain Trajectory: Can We Alter the Course?
- Bridge Over Troubled Waters: There Is Hope for Physicians
- Should ASRA Become the Perioperative Medicine Leaders and Drivers of ERAS?
- Time Out! For Safety
- Enhanced Recovery: Protocols for Success
- Moving the Acute Pain Service into the Future
- ASRA/ESRA Panel - Regional Anesthesia and Outcomes: What Can We Learn from "Big Data"?
- Physician Moral Injury: Is There a Cure?
- Does ERAS Work for Every Patient? What About the Outliers?
- Incorporating Technology and Integrative Medicine

General ASRA Track
- When the Nerves Suffer: Central Neuropathic Syndromes
- Pharmacology for the Modern Pain Specialist
- Updates in Cancer Pain Management
- Detectives in Pain Medicine: Causes, Treatments, and Prognosis of Chronic Pain Syndromes
- In Each Other's Shoes: A Multidisciplinary Perspective on a Common Pain Topic - Major Joint Pain
- John J. Bonica Award Lectureship, presented by Dr. Phillip Peng
- Back Pain in 2020: Updates in the Treatment of Spinal Stenosis and Beyond
- Pain Medicine in the Time of Pandemic
- Human Genome and Patients' Response to Pain: Does It Matter in Clinical Practice?
- Neuromodulation: Trial and Error or Exact Science? Evidence-Based Clinical Decisions on Wave Forms, Patient Selection, and Pitfalls

Interactive Sessions
- 2020 Pandemic Reality - Future of Pain Medicine: Close Collaborations Among Specialties
- Tackling the Opioid Crisis: Implementation Strategies to Take Home - Hospital Initiatives, Harm-Reduction Tools, and Beyond
- Working Smarter, Not Harder
- Managing Your Practice
- Implantable Devices and Their Science: MRI Compatibility, Interference, and Long-Term Efficacy
- Those Are My Mistakes: How Will You Avoid Them? Risk Mitigation and Complications Management for the Interventional Pain Practitioner
- Postoperative Surgical Complications Management: Wound Healing, Granulomas, Hygromas, Antibiotics, Troubleshooting, Suture Types, and Suturing Techniques
- Alternative/Complementary Medicine, Nutrition/Wellness, and Acupuncture
- RAPM Data Blast: A Year in Review - The experts discuss the most important papers from the past year!

Networking Opportunities
- Virtual Exhibit Hall Reception
- Games and prizes
- ASRA Virtual Party on Saturday Night

Tickets: https://go.evvnt.com/676088-0?pid=176 
Website: https://go.evvnt.com/676088-3?pid=176 
Website: https://go.evvnt.com/676088-4?pid=176 
Exhibitor: https://go.evvnt.com/676088-5?pid=176 

Time: 18:00 to 17:00

Physician member of ASRA, ESRA, AFSRA, LASRA, AOSRA: USD 149.00,
Non-member physician: USD 249.00,
Trainee (resident/fellow): USD 0.00,
Affiliate member (PA, NP, Nurse, Other): USD 99.00,
Non-physician, non member (PA, NP, Nurse, Other): USD 119.00,
Active Duty Military, ASRA member: USD 99.00

Speakers: Magdalena Anitescu, Jaime Baratta, Vincent Chan, Phillip Peng, Nabil Elkassabany, Maged Guirguis, Rajnish Gupta, David Hardman, Rebecca Johnson, Lynn Kohan, Andrea Nicol, Jennifer Noerenberg, Amy Pearson, Carlos Pino, Steven Porter, David Provenzano, Rene Przkora, Hariharan Shankar, Brian Sites, Eugene Viscusi, Kevin Vorenkamp, Gina Votta-Velis


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