SHAW SHOW: Based on George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion

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Tickets are now on sale to see “Shaw Show”, a new stage adaptation of George Bernard Shaw’s classic play and film, Pygmalion.  This new work, written and directed by Duane Langley, will officially open on March 12, 2020, following a preview on March 11.

Shaw’s Pygmalion (which was later adapted into a musical known as My Fair Lady) was first presented to the public in 1913.  The story goes like this: Henry Higgins (Langley) a phonetician, accepts a bet that simply by changing the speech of a Cockney flower seller he will be able, in six months, to pass her off as a duchess. Eliza Doolittle (Hannah Heckman-McKenna) undergoes grueling training. When she successfully “passes” in high society—having in the process become a lovely woman of sensitivity and taste—Higgins dismisses her abruptly as a successfully completed experiment. Eliza, who now belongs neither to the upper class, whose mannerisms and speech she has learned, nor to the lower class, from which she came, rejects his dehumanizing attitude.  As Eliza would say, “What you are to do without me, I cannot imagine.”

With an all-star cast, a gorgeous steampunk style, and a heavy dose of technical wizardry, “Shaw Show” (the debut production from Pawtucket’s own Before The Horse Entertainment) is quickly becoming one of Rhode Island’s Can’t-Miss Shows of the New Year!'s-Pygmalion

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