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Israel VPS hosting comes in the form of a virtual section of a single physical machine which is compartmentalized into smaller virtual units for imitating and virtualizing real servers. Here, it is important to note that each virtual private server within a physical machine operates its very own software or operating system. If you want to know more about Israel VPS hosting, why not be a part of the event organized by Onlive Server right there in Israel. This event commences from 5th July and will end on 5th September with bookings opening from 30th June. There are limited bookings of 200 participants available and the event timing is 10 am to 8 pm.

Going for virtual private server hosting at Onlive Server means your site and your application will not be affected by the different activities of the other users being hosted on the same physical server. Since VPS hosting offers full root access, it helps users in installing their preferred customized software and other programs without any restrictions. The users of virtual private servers do not just get complete independence but even guaranteed resources such as RAM, CPU, bandwidth and hard disk drive.

Our virtual private server hosting is highly recommended over shared server hosting mainly because of the following reasons:
• The users need root access for installing and maintaining their own applications on their servers.
• The users require additional server resources such as disk space and Ram. These are not available with shared server hosting.
• The user’s applications and websites remain completely unaffected because of the malicious actions and spams of the other users on the same server.
• The data of the users is more secure and safer in comparison to shared server hosting. The loopholes in the other sites that are hosted on the same physical server is shared server hosting might have security issues for the users.

It is absolutely possible to install customized software on a VPS server. With virtual private server hosting, the users get the option of installing several prebuilt software and operating systems. They can even install other customized programs as per their requirements and preferences. A virtual private server hosting package can be upgraded anytime with just a few simple clicks of the mouse or by getting in touch with the hosting provider. You can always expect the highest level of support from the hosting providers. For more information on VPS server hosting, be a part of our event being organized in Israel.

Location: Israel
Timing: - 10:00AM to 8:00PM
Date: - 5th July to 5th September
Bookings Start from 30 June
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