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This Mindfulness coach certification training is a step-by-step guide from level-1 to level-5 for those looking to make mindfulness a way of life and wanting to reap the rich benefits of inculcating a positive outlook.

Program Highlights:

  1. Get access to mindfulness certification resources, worksheets, tools, techniques, practitioner book, theories, models and other materials designed to help you begin your own career as a certified Mindfulness Coach.
  2. Study Face-to-Face with Dr. Paras or opt for mindfulness certification online  learning program. Select your preferred location to enjoy this program.
  3. Mindfulness Certification is ICF-Accredited program. Learners can apply for ACC/PCC/MCC or credential renewals.
  4. The program is aligned to the competency and framework approved by the Iinner Universe Education Foundation. 
    Click here to download the IIUEF Mindfulness Practitioner Competency framework.
  5. Anyone and everyone who achieves the certification successfully can practice and teach by strictly adhering and applying the same principles as outlined in the program.

Level – 1 Introduction to Mindfulness as a Practitioner 

Mindfulness raises the awareness to the present moment while bringing a non-judgmental approach towards our thought process. In this Mindfulness Practitioner program by Matrrix, Dr. Paras offers his extensive knowledge spent on the study and Mindfulness certification training spanning across 10 years. 

The program is the accumulation of Dr. Paras’ experience and learned concepts in mindfulness and meditation practice and western and eastern philosophies along with psychology. In today’s times, it’s pertinent to embrace the Mindful approach to manage emotions, raise your attention to goals, and bring a shift in energy levels.

The first theme is an introduction to Mindfulness. The theme is inclusive of 5 chapters that begin with assessments, concepts of Mindfulness and schools and philosophies, qualities, and competencies, and more. 

The Mindfulness certification training also includes an exclusive chapter about Buddha on Mindfulness that explores deeper concepts essential to explore the mind.

Program Curriculum:
  1. What Is Mindfulness? Debriefing Mindfulness Living Assessment Report
  2. Concepts and Schools of Thought of Mindfulness, Philosophers of Mindfulness
  3. Mindfulness Practitioner Competencies, Ethics and Boundaries of a Mindfulness Practitioner
  4. Branding as a Mindfulness Practitioner, Contracting as a Mindfulness Practitioner
  5. Buddha on Mindfulness (7 Branch Practice, Dependent Origination, 3 Errors in Perception, 4 Noble Truths, Buddha’s 8-fold Path, Emptiness Concept and its Application)

What’s in it for you learning? 

  • Learn the foundation of Mindfulness with this Mindfulness certification training to better implement them later in your profession. Get the basics strengthened around the concept.
  • Understand the connection between the mind-body axis with old and modern concepts.
  • You get to learn from an ICF-certified and globally renowned Mindfulness practitioner, Dr. Paras.
  • A hands-on learning experience with coaching practice and group activities.
  • Get your queries answered and get an overall run through at group discussions

ICF Updated Competency Covered: CC 1 Demonstrate Ethical Practice, CC2 Embodies a Coaching Mindset, CC3 Establishes and Maintains Agreements

IIUEF Mindfulness Competency Covered: Self Awareness CC1 Self Reflection, CC2 Present Moment / Presence, Observing, CC3 Commitment / Movement / Progression / Direction / Action / Conclusion / Momentum

ICF ACSTH Credits – 30 hours

Applicable for ACC/PCC/MCC/CCEU hours

Price 33,000 + GST 18%

Learning style – Classroom online, Experiential learning, Coach led Discussion, Case Studies, Video Watching, Group Discussion.

LMS Access – Lifetime

Mindfulness Practitioner Web Application for 365 days free 

About our Organizer

Dr. Paras, Founder, Matrrix, firmly believes the mind is the greatest tool. As an ICF and EMCC certified Life Leadership Coach, he has partnered with organizations and individuals across the world to deliver world-class coaching, training, and mentoring.

He has brought about a massive change to the way people think to facilitate growth and excellence. His unconventional methods have earned him immense popularity and elicited prestigious awards.

To know more please visit: https://www.matrrix.in/mindfulness-practitioner

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Email : drparas@matrrix.in
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