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Put yourself in a position of power and confidence when renting your next apartment by having the right knowledge at your side. At Rent Reduction Secrets, you'll learn how to make landlords take notice and save thousands on rent. Expert advice isn't just for the rich and you can get your backstage pass to the residential rental market right now. Reduce your rent, have a happier wallet in your pocket, and a little less stress every day.

These secrets aren’t theories or guesses. These are actual, tried, and true strategies I’ve seen during my 20-year real estate career. They led me to write the award-winning book, Rental Secrets. Now, I’m bringing that experience as a landlord, real estate investor, and property manager to give renters a behind-the-scenes look at the residential rental industry. Rent Reduction Secrets is your opportunity to learn the insider secrets you need to harness your power in the property rental process, in any rental market. You simply won't find this information anywhere else.

Tickets start at only $15. You could easily save 10X that amount when you sign your next lease.

Get extra benefits as a VIP:
1) Autographed copy of Rental Secrets
2) Recording of Rent Reduction Secrets Event

All for only $20 more!

"BE READY, so you don't have to get ready." - Magic Johnson

"Using the strategies in Rental Secrets just once, I saved $250 on my rent." - Patrick Kelly, Associate Executive Director, YMCAA of Silicon Valley

"As someone who's unfamiliar with negotiating a good deal on an apartment, I've found the subject intimidating-but not anymore." - Sarah Scheele, Freelance Business Writer

"These SECRETS ARE SO GOOD you won't want to miss out!" - Timothy Yslava, Student

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Price: General Admission: USD 15.00

Time: 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm

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