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Come enjoy a bully free zone, full of entertainment and activities for your kidos. Come meet Curious George and take picture with him. We will have a blast listening and dancing to DB Kids & Sound Stage 9, and The Mariachi Alberto Mendoza (I Am Not A Bully) performing live. We will learn Words of Wisdom from Zoila the Zebra as she shows us how to live a bully-free life. Rocky Bear and Super Zander will empower your self esteem and teach you valuable anti-bullying concepts. TOTB will show you and let you interact with robots, drones, and so many other awesome scientific projects. The Santa Claws Petting Zoo will let you ride a pony, pet a chinchilla, lamb, duck, chicken, baby pig or if you dare pet a 9 foot python. Be prepared to get your mind blown and get lost in the magic of Magician George Diazo. We will unlock our inner warrior as Maximus from Warriors F. C takes the stage. Talking about warriors, we will have the honor of hosting a 24 time karate world champion , CJ the Karate Kid will soar through the air.... and... while we're still looking up in the air get your cheer on with an amazing group of cheerleaders. Exiting, right? Don't worry, after all of this excitement we shall relax as we watch the nationally awarded girls of Na Pua O Hawaii teleport us straight to Hawaii. Wait... What there's more? Yes stay till the end as we will crown the King of the Mascots at our Mascot Contest. We'll see you here. Remember Bullies are Not Allowed!!!

Saturday June 22,2019 @ Bassett Place from 1PM to 5PM

If you are a Vendor and would like to set up at this Amazing Event contact me.

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