The Vulnerability Advantage

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Often when people think of the word "vulnerability," they envision uncertainty, risk, and concern about emotional exposure. Yet on the flip side of that, vulnerability also creates love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, and creativity. Vulnerability is such an awesome tool, but we have this roadblock that screams fear. Imagine if there was a way that you can get all the beautiful benefits of being in the gift of your vulnerability, while still feeling safe and protected?

In this interactive workshop, we will use heart chakra meditation, teaching, and journaling to uncover old stories that no longer serve us, and that keep us isolated and disconnected. You will learn how to use your vulnerability as an advantage to connect and heal without being taken advantage of, to create healthy boundaries, and practice discernment. This practice takes mindfulness, and we'll give you the tools you can use to practice in your everyday life.

I never imagined that embracing my vulnerability would one day allow me to grow and heal as a leader and as a person. As we connect to our vulnerability, it gives others permission to do the same. Our collective consciousness can heal the world. 

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