When Workplace Wellness Works: Cultivating Culture Through Mindful Leaders

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A talk by Lindsay Johnson

Workplace Wellness is a trend that will never fade out. It may be dynamic as we adapt to the unique needs of a multi-generational and diverse workforce, but its impact is what makes a business sustainable. Whether managing one office, navigating equity between HQ and satellite locations, or innovating to support your new remote workforce in the heart of pandemic – keeping employees healthy, happy, and productive is no small feat. It requires an empathetic mindset for strong business leaders to cultivate a culture of belonging.

According to Stanford Professor, Jeffrey Pfeffer, “the workplace is the fifth leading cause of death in the United States.” Workplace stress caused by long hours, little autonomy, high demands, and minimal resources, isn’t only hurting productivity and morale – it’s killing us. In this session, FitPros Founder and CEO, Lindsay Johnson, will demonstrate the role of management in shifting from toxic workplaces to inclusive environments where employees' needs are met and they feel they belong. Attendees will sign off with actionable steps to be an Agent of Change, and resources to uplevel your company culture through collaboration and purpose.



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