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This conference will teach couples the foundation of marriage from a biblical perspective using scripture as inspired by God and our education and experience as guidelines.  We will cover topics on Communication, 
Infidelity, Finance and Sex/Intimacy.

Speakers include Tory Smith, Counselor/Relationship Expert, Teri Smith, 
Counselor/Relationship Expert, Mark Taylor, FelMar Financial Ministry, and Felicia Taylor, FelMar Financial Ministry.

Why a Marriage Conference
Drawing from Scripture and a vision they had while they were dating, Tory & Teri Smith are hosting this marriage conference to teach about God’s biblical design for marriage.  

What Will They Learn
Attendees will not only learn God’s blueprint for marriage, but why God designed marriage in the first place.
They will learn techniques and scripture to improve their relationship, how to identify strengths and  weaknesses in your marriage or relationship,  financial management, how to enhance communication, acquire tools to manage conflict and deepen their friendship and love for each other.

Who Should Attend
This conference is for engaged couples, pre-engaged couples, married couples, dating couples and newlyweds that want to bring Christ to the center of their marriage and learn how to build unity in your marriage or relationship.

Benefits of Attending the Kingdom Love Marriage Conference
Nearly every married couple we have counseled has said one of the following statements, “I wish we had pre-marital counseling before we were married!”  Or, people mention that their marriage is fine and they do not need counseling; however, one of them always ends up in our in-box.  The truth is people spend more money on their wedding day than they invest in their own marriage. 

We see it as this, if you have an expensive vehicle, you don’t wait until it breaks down before you take it in for service, you perform routine-preventative maintenance to ensure that your high priced vehicle stays in showroom factory shape.  If you do not perform the necessary check-ups, you’re in store for some very expensive auto repair bills!  The same thing can be said about your marriage,  if you wait until you are at the brink of divorce until you seek counseling, you’re in for not only a hefty bill, but the potential loss of your family.

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