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According to the World health organization, in the year 2016, over 1.9 billion adults (18+ years) are overweight, amongst 650 million people were obese and 340 million adolescents were affected by abnormal BMI. Though it is preventable, for most of them it is highly difficult, and they need expert supervision like dietitian, behavior counselor or an obesity specialist. There are many recent advancements in therapy for overweight and obesity which are to be discussed on a podium with professionals across the globe. So, THE TALKS is coming up with an initiative to address this problem and naming it THE TALKS ON OBESITY AND WEIGHT MANAGEMENT.

The Talks on Obesity and Weight Management– which is due on 27-28 August 2020, San Antonio, Texas, USA. Our committee would be glad to invite worldwide speakers and attendees and by attending this event, we will assist you in publishing your research paper in Scopus and PubMed indexed journals and many more.

Our Primary agenda is to gather the professionals across the globe to get them on to a stage to address and find the solutions. The Talks on obesity include">weight management, novel research & development, BMI management, etc.

One more main advantage of attending THE OBESITY TALKS is the location where we would like you to explore. San Antonio, Texas, USA is one of the prime locations in The United States which has a rich colonial heritage alongside the interactive sessions.

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