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As part of the video series for COVID Awareness Campaign, Mr. Vishwajeet Mishra explained to the team of Safe-O-Kid through an interview, about how children can be kept safe during the estimated 3rd wave of the COVID pandemic in India. This interview is most importantly beneficial for parents that have little children in the house as it is speculated that the wave will be most dangerous for kids. You get to know all about the physical activities that children can do at home during the lockdown and how the activities help them, all in this one video of the interview with the fitness coach.

The fitness expert in his interview states “children feel bored at home due to lack of activity during the lockdowns and in extreme cases it may lead to depression in children which is worse than in adults”. In order to keep your little one free from the risk of mental and physical ill health, it is important to take the valuable lessons from the interview brought right to the comfort of your home by Safe-O-Kid. The video is a perfect health reckoner for you especially because Mr. Mishra gives a detailed description of the kinds of exercises that are fit for different age groups. The interview may turn out to be a pathway for your child to good health not just during the pandemic but also for the rest of their lives.

You can catch the video of Mr. Vishwajeet Mishra’s interview in the series on the Safe-O-Kid website and even visit the Safe-O-Kid YouTube channel to view the expert video and gain all the information on the estimated 3rd wave of COVID in India. Watch the video today to ensure immunity for your little ones!

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