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The Virginia 420 Festival, scheduled for April 18-20, 2024, is a prominent event celebrating cannabis culture. It's unique in that it's held at two locations simultaneously: Misty Mountain Campground in Greenwood, VA, and Garrett Farms in Salem, VA. This dual festival format allows attendees to choose their preferred setting for enjoying the festivities.

The festival is renowned for its diverse entertainment lineup, featuring a range of artists and comedians. Attendees at Misty Mountain Camp Resort can enjoy performances by Keller Williams, Christian Q. The Groove, Blind Fury, and more, while Garrett Farms will host Kottonmouth Kings among others. Comedians like The 420 Comic and Jeffery Peterson add a humorous touch to the event.

Education plays a significant role in the festival, with various sessions and masterclasses. Mark Herer leads outdoor cultivation classes, and there are sessions covering indoor growing techniques, cannabis cooking, wellness, advocacy, business, environmental impact, and the historical and cultural significance of cannabis.

Camping is a significant part of the festival experience, with Misty Mountain offering a more luxurious camping experience and Garrett Farms providing a more primitive camping option. A 3-Day Virginia 420 Festival ticket is required to secure a camping spot.

A unique feature of the 2024 festival is the hosting of the first 420 wedding, symbolizing the unity of the cannabis community.

The festival emphasizes community spirit and celebrates cannabis culture in a comprehensive and engaging manner

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