Satsang with Kosi - The Poetry of Rumi

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The poetry of Rumi is infused with a mysterious power that can reveal the unending happiness of your real nature. This meeting is not just a poetry reading—it is satsang. Rumi's poetry is satsang—a deep meeting with the omniscient happiness alive in your own heart.

Satsang is a totally in the moment, honest, fresh discovery of the lasting happiness and pure bliss of your real nature. This is not an ordinary meeting or lecture, it is a sacred meeting infused with a potent energy that supports the direct realization of lasting happiness.

The energy of satsang can be very strong. It is a sacred fire that burns through eons of suffering caused by the prarabdha karma of your genetic mind and ego—the great illusion that hides your natural happiness. Satang is not an esoteric conversation or philosophy or religion—it is intimate, in the moment, support for your own immediate and direct discovery of the lasting happiness you actually are.

Satsang is infused with the unconditional love, wisdom, and omniscience of divine consciousness, which generates a palpable energy that ends suffering in your every day life. The more you attend satsang the more you burn through the conscious, unconscious, and karmic tendencies that keep fear, anxiety, anger, sadness and many other forms of suffering occurring over and over again in your life. Once these tendencies fall away you can be indescribably happy in any life situation.

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