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If you are a golfer and golf blogger, then this is the perfect event for you to spend quality time with other golfer & bloggers.

This meetup is run by volunteer leaders who love golfing and want to get people at the golf course. We are not paid, guest. We do this because we are passionate about golf. We are golf enthusiasts like you!

If you have any suggestions or general questions about our event, feel free to knock us.

We all look forward to meeting you at the event!

One more very important thing

When participating in this event, it is assumed that all participants are responsible for their own safety and of their dependents (such as children) at the event. The facilitator is simply providing an opportunity for everyone to enjoy the event together and is not assuming responsibility or liability for the safety of the participants.

This event is organized by

Nifty Golf is a website aim to provide a helpful resource for a beginner to a pro golfer. If anyone wants to learn anything about golf, it's the best source of golf-related tips, tricks & information.!

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