Haunted ROOMS at The Historic Octagon Mansion

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One of Virginia’s Most Haunted Mansions! The 1870 Octagon Mansion at 585, Wytheville, Virginia The mansion’s famous ghost could be a little girl who died tragically during the 1950’s polio epidemic. Or, is there another presence that likes to throw rocks and spook visitors? Dubbed by some as the “scariest place” in Virginia, the 1870 mansion is rich in history and a Historic Icon of America’s Past. As well as the ghost of the young girl, Civil War soldiers who died on the land outside the home have been reported, and spirits from the graveyard that sits underneath the property too! And there’s more, all waiting to be discovered on your investigation with us! The Wytheville Raid – “The Avenue of Death” On July 18, 1863, there was an attack by an undersized Union Army (led by Union Colonel John Toland) on a strategic town of the Confederates, and that town was Wytheville. The brigade of over 800 men on horses rode into town, ready to fight a small Confederate force of about 130 soldiers, and 120 civilians. Ready for a fight, the soldiers and the civilians of Wytheville were ready to defend their town. The Union brigade made its way into town in a charging column down the main street, only to be ambushed by soldiers and citizens. Most of the one-shot muskets were fired by the men and women of the town from their homes and businesses. Considered unconventional warfare at the time, the result was catastrophic, with the Union force suffering considerable losses, as well as the death of Colonel Toland and Colonel William H. Powell. Serving as a home it’s also been a bakery and a real estate office before standing empty for a decade. After new owners called in paranormal investigators, the house has been a hotbed of spooky activity and a regular location for professional investigators and ghost hunters to visit. For this ghost hunt, you’ll need sleeping bags and camp beds but if you can make it until morning there’ll be breakfast! During one “Dinner with a ghost,” evening organized by John Cushman where twenty curious visitors attended the house, its spirits were asked if they would like the visitors to leave, and to give a sign. Guests were astonished when the locked front door flew open, not once but twice. Investigators also report speaking with the spirit of the little girl who says she died in the building. And, one skeptic left the house running after he felt a hand on his shoulder in the basement. On previous investigations, we’ve had objects move on command, intelligent responses from requests, and strong EVP’s (electronic voice phenomena). Guests and investigators alike have reported the feeling of being shot in the back, and on one occasion There is certainly plenty to investigate at the Octagon Mansion with visitors experiencing supernatural activity within just minutes of arriving. Are you brave enough to sleep at the Octagon Mansion? Tickets sell out fast for this location




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