Still Trying to Change Your Life? Now you Can. Meet Your Inner Parents

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You've done therapy, coaching, and all the "right" things to get greater control over your behavior and your life. Yet, you still can't seem to shake procrastination, rebellion, and other blocks that keep you from success. What's going on? Well, Freud would say "It's Your Mother," and he may be on to something.

No matter what you think of your "real" mother and father, much of the way you see parenting comes from inside of you.

This 3-day workshop will allow you to learn more about the way you see parenting, and give you a chance to explore ways of re-programming old messages so you can truly be in charge of your life.


Your instructors, Diane Zimberoff and Judi Vitale, are lifelong seekers who use hypnotherapy and astrology to uncover old ways of being and build new structures for a happier and more fulfilling life.

The workshop will be held at the beautiful Wellness Paradise Farm, in Graham. The workshop price includes the program, accommodations, food, and activities such as meditation, yoga, and mindful dancing fun.


Please join us! Transform your way of being so that you can be all you truly are.


For more information, or to register, go to, call or text 412 953 5315.

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