Round Dance Basics - Two-Step and Waltz

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Karen Reichardt
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Round Dance is choreographed ball room dancing. The moves are written to a certain piece of music and the cuer prompts you through the sequence. Two-step and waltz will be the first rhythms taught. You will need to start Monday, Sept 9 or Sept 16 to complete the class.


No experience necessary. This is not 'Dancing with the Stars' NO rating, NO judges. 


The dancer learns the routines as well as the names of all the dance steps in each rhythm so that when the music is played the couple can follow the cues that are spoken on the microphone by the Cuer, just in time to prompt the next step to be danced. It is this aspect that makes choreographed Ballroom Dancing especially unique. It is also challenging for the mind as well as the body and a joy to behold as every couple on the floor dances each routine in unison.


Partner recommended. Two left feet? Our Speciality!

7:15 to 9:30 pm

Street Address

1901 N Sullivan Rd.
Spokane Valley, WA 99216


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