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A thoughtful combination of 3 transformational experiences wrapped in an all day event.

Join us for a soulful experience of setting intentions and practicing self care through playfulness. We will use all of our senses to discover what it is we want for our 2020 VISION!


Cultivating your inner vision

Hypnosis provides you with the truth because it works at the subconscious level.

During hypnosis we will eliminate the ideas of what your parents want, we will bypass the ideas of what Society wants, and what you consciously think you should be doing. Only then, will you get to the core of what you TRULY want in your life.


Create your 2020 vision!

A guided intuitive journey combining playful creative expression and your sixth sense.

We will be guided in a heart centered meditative experience to access our inner voice. Tami Bensen will support a sacred space to allow everyone to create freely without fear, giving ourselves permission to enjoy this powerful tool of self expression.

Art in the dark exercise- Gain confidence and comfort in the act of creation!

Soul Collage/ Mixed Media - Create your Soul's vision for 2020!


Crystallization of Intentions:

Receive guidance on how to most effectively write an intention that supports your truest desires. Experience how the use of crystals may hold and manifest your intentions.


Energy Healing:

Guided Shamanic Journeying experience with intuitive energy healing to align the Whole body to your soul’s purpose and create more space and openness to receive.


**** Early Bird $149******

Limited spots available!


What's included____________________________________________________

Guided hypnosis experience $ 150 value

Intuitive Art Journey guided by a Psychic Medium $ 90

Guided Soul Vision creation $35

Your intuitive artwork! $ Priceless

Intuitive healing infused with sacred space & sound $ 100 value

Light refreshments for snacking Complementary

Everyone is welcome!


Meet your Guides


Lisa Shook


Lisa Shook is a certified 5 path Hypnotherapist, and 7 path teacher. Lisa's passion is to educate people about hypnosis and how it can be an accessible healing practice. Hypnosis is one of the most safe and natural ways to make changes in your life fast.




Tami Bensen

Intuitive Artist & Psychic Medium

Tami Bensen is a Psychic Medium/Artist who specializes in reconnecting clients to their own internal guidance system. Understanding your intuition can reduce worry, Improve sleep and increase confidence.




Kayla Gomez

Energy Healer

Kayla Gomez is an intuitive energy healer and yoga teacher who specializes in Polarity Therapy, a technique used to rebalance and align the body’s energy flow for optimum health and self-awareness.




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7354 35th Ave SW,
Seattle, WA 98126


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