Fun Intro to Square Dancing with the Cross Trailers

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Karen Reichardt
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Why Square Dance?

7 pm to 9 pm

Fun - Laughter guaranteed, No judges, No audience, No stress

Friendship - Meet people who’s only goal is to enjoy square dancing.

Family - Ages 10 - 100 - Everyone dances together. Singles welcome, partner suggested but not required.

Focus - Engage your brain cells to follow the calls. Simon Says, to music, in teams, with everyone moving together.

Footsteps - 9 to 10,000 steps in an average evening. Low impact aerobics with arm movements. Laughter is good for your lungs.

Frequency - Dance every Friday & Saturday night in the Spokane Area. Square dance around the world. Calls are always in English. Smiles are universal.

This evening is free, nothing to bring or to buy.           509-489-4492    You can do this

Street Address

1901 North Sullivan Road, Western Dance
Spokane Valley, WA 99216


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