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These classes are for meditators of all stages who are interested in gaining more knowledge of chanting Sanskrit Vedic Mantras and practicing Hand Mudras as part of their spiritual progress. Information also will be shared regarding the Yogic Bandhas and their effects. Each class will end in a guided meditation involving visualization and affirmations. Mantra is a patterning of sound vibrations. Mantras have been chanted by human beings since the beginning of language formation. The sound vibrations when chanted a certain number of times generate positive thoughts and affect our daily living by bringing in positive energies within us. The benefits include but are not limited to: -letting go of negative emotions -connecting to your Higher Self -inviting love and compassion within -increasing wealth and prosperity in your life. We will introduce 1, 3, 5, 12, and 24 syllable mantras along with their meaning, pronunciation, and significance of chanting them. Mudras are hand postures that mime the abstract idea expressed by a Mantra. Mudra works like a prop for the mind to support itself in the realm of the nameless and formless reality. When we hold the hands in a particular Mudra by exerting minimal pressure for a certain amount of time, we activate nerve endings in the palm related to different parts of our body. It acts as a self-acupressure and helps in releasing stress, decreasing pain, increases blood flow, and ensures good health. We will introduce several hand mudras pertaining to the 5 elements of nature and their relevance in our physical body. Investment in you: $35 per workshop or $60 for both days!


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