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Are you looking to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your practice? Join Tom Radloff for a 3-part workshop every/other Saturday in October. With Toms deep understanding of Yoga and over 1000 hours in trainings around the world, his goal is to pass down the knowledge that he collected from his teachers, to you! This 3-part workshop will be 2 pm every other Saturday for 2 hours on October 3rd, 17th, and 31st. Each weekend building on the last! 1st workshop October 3rd -Brief discussion on the function of the breath, understanding how we breathe, and what it does to the body in postures. -The importance of personal practice and why. -The energetics of Asana (postures). 2nd Workshop October 17th -Breath adaptation in Asana (postures). - Understanding the function of the breath. -How deepening your experience affects energetics. 3rd Workshop October 21st -Understanding pranayama and how it relates to the energetics in the body -Adaptation and how it relates to pranayama ratios -Sequencing a Yoga Class. $90 for all 3 weekends, $35 for each individual weekend. (Save $15 when purchasing all 3). This is an in-person event only.,-Happiness-&-Bliss-through-the-Deeper-Meaning-of-Yoga

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