The Age of Uterine Law:Textiles and Essay Exhibit

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Carol Williams
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My work with fabrics and buttons is a repurposing of the traditionally feminine art form of sewing and quilting, which has been historically classified as craft. But I believe that quilting, depicted as 'folk art' associated with the activity of rural women, black and white, has been underrated as the true art form that it is. While quilts were a utilitarian use of clothing remnants supplying warmth and comfort, they created a motif that has been copied worldwide with their symmetrical, swirling geometric designs and intricate detail work. Even though the textile industry continues to be one of the largest, and most polluting, industries on earth, our dependence on fabric is a daily, and very personal, essential connection. The Images in this volume represent my "Craftivism"; an artist who combines craft with activism. Also included are my written published essays meant to stimulate conversation on the social condition.

A decade ago, the term "Craftivism" was officially used as a description for an artist who combines craft with activism. My exhibit uses the "women's work" of quilting and sewing to make statements about women; our images, our challenges, our obstacles and our status. Each of my pieces tells a story or describes an experience, embellished with buttons, but always with fabrics that contribute to the depth of our connection to cloth. Several of my pieces relate to my 7 years in the US Army, but other topics I cover are the environment, race and contemporary political thought.

My exhibit includes art and essays meant to stimulate a conversation with the viewer and reader. I hope that my hangings project beauty first, make a statement, second, but lastly, portray a little bit of humor.


Artists / Speakers: Carol Williams

Time: 11:00 am - 4:00 pm 

Venue Name: Shepherdstown Community Club

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102 East German Street
Shepherdstown, WV 25443


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