Once users sign up or pay for an event ticket, you have two options for checking them in: you can manually check visitors in from the events check-in page, or download a QR code reader and scan them in with your smart phone or tablet.

For Manual Event Registration Check-in

  • Sign it to EventsNearHere.com, and click on “Guest List” in the top navigation bar
  • Navigate to your event that has sold tickets, and click on the green button, access guest list.
  • Look at the ticket’s event ID number, and go to that ticket in the list.
  • If there is a green check mark next to the ticket ID number, this ticket has already been checked in. If there is just a red box, click or tap the box, and this person will be checked in.
    Event Ticket Check in at EventsNearHere.com

For Online Event Ticket Registration Check-in
Scanning with QR Codes

Download a QR code scanner.  EventsNearHere.com recommends Scan, a free reader that is available for both iPhone and Android devices.  iPhone and iPad users can download the free app here.  Android users find it at scan.me.

Scan Tickets In With Your Phone or Tablet

Once you open the app, scan a ticket.  You will be prompted to login to EventsNearHere.com.

Event Ticket Registration at Events Near Here

Login to EventsNearHere.com using the App, then click “done" in the upper right hand side of the screen.

Login for Event Ticket Registration at Events Near Here

Scan the ticket again.  If the ticket has not already been scanned, it was created by you, or you have rights to scan this ticket, you will see a message saying the ticket is now signed in, and you will be directed to that event’s guest list.

If the ticket was already scanned, you will see a message saying the ticket was already scanned.